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jhunjunu26 km northeast of Mandawa, Jhunjhunu, the capital of Shekhawati, was founded in the mid 15century by Kayamkhani Nawab Fateh Khan and was overtaken by rajput ruler Sardul Singh in 1730 AD. This largest district town is known for its Khetri Mahal (the Wind Palace) built by Thakur Bhopal Singh of Khetri in 1770. Though it is in a state of disrepair, still a series of arches and columns and fresco art in natural pigments characterises it. It offers good views of the town and the surroundings from the rooftop.

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Badoli Temples

badoli-4-large-1417004023.jpg48 km southwest of Kota, the temple complex of Badoli is one of the Rajasthan’s linest and oldest one dating back between 9-12 centuries. Many of these temples were destroyed by Muslim invaders but the ruins still attract; Particularly remarkable is the Ghateshwara ‘Ihmple which features God Shiva in various forms Shiva slaying the demon Chamunda, dancing Shiva and also the one with deities of Brahma and Vishnu and various other deities of the Hindu mythology.

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Founded in the 18 century, a medieval fort here dominates the town with a painted arched gateway. Typical of the entire region, the havelis of Mandawa are adorned with gaily painted murals that illuminate the arid landscape. Mandawa, a remote feudal principality was a trading outpost on an ancient caravan route to China and Middle East. It was the strong hold of Rao Shekha, who founded a dynasty here.

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Camel Safari In Jaisalmer



Camel safari programmes (1-4 days) organized by private excursion agents in Jaisalmer provide an opportunity to experience the charms of inaccessible desert interiors and see village life. Mainly organized during the high season (OctoberFebruary), the prices vary from Rs. 1000Rs. 5000 per night depending on the facilities provided. The cost normally includes tents, mattresses, blankets, meals and jeep support. Camping out at night is great fun. The traditional route taken is Amar Bagh, Lodurva, Mool Sagar, and Bada Bagh to Sam through the small villages along the way.

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Junagarh Fort


It is one of the few major forts of Rajasthan that does not command a hilltop position. Its foundation was laid in 1589 by Raja Rai Singh. a General in the army of Emperor Akbar. Several palaces made in red sandstone and marble, make a picturesque ensemble of courtyards, corridors, balconies and windows and a few temples illustrate the art of living of the Rathore Rajputs of Bikaner‘ The architecture blends the local aesthetic traditions with opulence borrowed from the Mughal.

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