Osian Near Jodhpur


65 km from Jodhpur on the JodhpurBikaner highway, Osian is renowned for a group of Jain and Hindu temples evolved between the 8 to 12 centuries.

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Shopping In Jodhpur


Jodhpur is famous as a home of handicrafts and antiques. Most of the shops dealing in manufacturing and export of Rajasthan handicrafts are concentrated in areas between the Umaid Bhawan Palace and the Circuit House. Jodhpur is also centre for once popular jodhpuris (riding breeches), embroidered mojari (shoes), painted wood work, tie and dye fabric, jewellery, miniature painting, white metal articles, lacquered work and badla (small copper utensils used to carry water) etc. all produced by local artisans.
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Rajasthan Miniatures


The Rajasthan paintings are marked by stronger colours and bolder compositions which rendered the paintings more intensity. The subjects would include emperors and the nobles, religious, secular and different shades of daily life. One of the most endearing subject used concerned Krishna and Radha-a series famous as Geeta Govinda and Ragamala, Later around the 18century the paintings generally illustrated the royal life style and ranged from scenes of hunting to attending the royal courts.

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This great mosque was originally a Jain religious college which was damaged by Mohammad Gori when he seized Ajmer in 1153. It is told that together with the ruined college, parts of some 30 damaged temples were used to build this mosque, which was miraculously completed in two and a half days – hence the name Adhai-din-ka-Jhonpra.
About 1200 AD Qutbuddin added in front of the original hall, a pierced stone screen of seven arches and the ten domes in the roof upheld by 124 columns, intricately carved where no two of them are alike.

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