A Trip To Jodhpur

jodhpuri-turbans-665x498Jodhpur a land in Rajasthan state with its rich tradition and culture is formerly known as Marwar, the capital of the Rajput rulers. I always wanted to have a glimpse into it, so went around exploring with a friend. In earlier times, cities like Bikaner,Nagaur, Jodhpur, Pali etc., were united and known as Marwar. They, later on, got their own identity and now, Marwar is no longer used for the name of any city. Jodhpur is famous worldwide for its turbans, locally known as ‘safa’. There are various styles and varieties of turbans, varying from communities to communities within Jodhpur.

People in Jodhpur love to wear colourful clothes specially with bright colours, hence the brilliant colours of the turbans. The ladies wear colourful odhnis and chunris. Turbans have their benefits in this desert area, as these protect the head from the scorching heat and can also be used as a pillow or sheet. Usually made of muslin cloth and cotton, a turban costs anywhere from Rs. 50 to Rs. 20,000, depending upon its quality.

I also tried the Rajasthani thali at a restaurant named Kalinga Restaurant in the Sardarpura Market. Although dhokla was there in the thali, which is a Gujarati dish, all the other dishes made it worth it, thanks to the four varieties of chapatis, including the one made from maize flour. Jodhpur is also famous for “Mawa ki kachori”, which is an excellent sweet dish.

At Jodhpur i stayed at Marugarh Resort, it is a wonderful resort and lovely place to stay. Overall my trip to jodhpur was 200% success

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