Shiv Niwas & Fateh Prakash Palace

hotel_47_bThese two luxury palaces the Shiv Niwas and the smaller Fateh Prakash were the personal guest houses of the Maharana and are now converted in to two upmarket heritage hotels. The interiors of the ShivNiwas Palace are decorated with original furniture, intricate glass inlaywork on the columns and paintings. The Fateh Prakash Palace contains original portraits and furniture which have been in the family for generations.

The Durbar Hall (Hall of Audience) is tastefully decorated featuring grandiose large portraits of the Maharanas of the Mewar dynasty. Overlooking this magnificent hall is the Crystal Gallery with rare collection of crystal ornaments like fountains, vases, crockery, furniture and beds. Along with this fascinating range of items one can also see silver
beds, chairs with brocade and velvet seating.

A magnificent Tight and Sound Show’ is held at Manek Chowk in City Palace articulating the Mewar’s History.

2 km from City Palace at Sajjan  Niwas Garden is vintage car collection displaying over two dozen vehicles.

Situated near the palace is a spectacular rose garden laid out by Maharaja Sajjan Singh. A library in the garden has a rare collection of ancient books. A small zoo and a toy train are the other attractions here.

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