Camel Safari In Jaisalmer


Camel safari programmes (1-4 days) organized by private excursion agents in Jaisalmer provide an opportunity to experience the charms of inaccessible desert interiors and see village life. Mainly organized during the high season (OctoberFebruary), the prices vary depending on the facilities provided.

The cost normally includes tents, mattresses, blankets, meats and jeep support. Camping out at night is great fun. The traditional route taken is Amar Bagh, Lodurva, Mool Sagar, and Bada Bagh to Sam through the small villages along the way.
It is also possible to take a jeep for around 30 km south or west of Jaisalmer, leaving the major sights and then ride off for 1-2 nights with jeep transfers to Jaisalmer. A more popular alternative package includes jeep transfer to the desert in the late afternoon and a camel trek, evening entertainment, dinner and night stay at tents/huts and transportation back to Jaisalmer.
It is advisable to go through an established operator or hotel. Take help from the Tourist Office. Don’t get bullied by a tout or free lancer offering his services for lower prices.
Insist on knowing the type of food, transport and other things you will be provided with.
Ensure that you are assigned your own camel and not asked to share with others.


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