Osian Near Jodhpur


65 km from Jodhpur on the JodhpurBikaner highway, Osian is renowned for a group of Jain and Hindu temples evolved between the 8 to 12 centuries.

The Jain Mahavir Temple is best preserved at Osian. Like most temple architecture of western India, the pattern echoes the style of the spire and the domical roof. The pillars are decorated with motifs of foliage and auspicious vase. The elaborately decorated ceiling is a succession of receding concentric courses with motifs and a hanging pendant. The strut figures on celling portray the standing dancers and musicians, formed by the foliage of trees.
In the Hindu temple ofHarihara at Osian, particularly noteworthy is the exquisite doorway and the richly carved outer walls. The Sachiya Mata Temple for its imposing multiturreted spire and the Sun Temple for its Grecian looking porch columns are noteworthy


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