Deeg Near Bharatpur


32 km from Bharatpur, Deeg built by Raja Surajmal in the middle of the lB-century served as the royal summer resort and the second capital of the region. This interesring town is strewn with massive fortifications and magnificent palaces inspired by the grandeur of the Mughal courts of Delhi and Agra.

The white marble Surajmal Palace with delicate mosaic inlay work, the elegant Gopal Bhawan, the heavily embellished Kishan Bhawan, the summer pavilion Keshav Bhawan and the Nand Bhawan and the Mughal styled stunningly beautiful gardens add to the beauty of this idyllic retreat of the princes of yore. The famous thing of the palace is the ancient water fountain system which is turned on for Braj Festival.

Other places of interest include Bayana, 45 km from Bharatpur, has a fort, Bijay Garh, built by famous King Banasur in the times of Lord Krishna. It is considered to be the 3rd largest in India. Kaman, 55 km on the north is the Braj area where lord Krishna spent his early life . A place of pilgrimage, the remains of a temple here has highly decorated 84 pillars, popularly named ” Chourasi Khambha”.

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