Founded in the 18 century, a medieval fort here dominates the town with a painted arched gateway. Typical of the entire region, the havelis of Mandawa are adorned with gaily painted murals that illuminate the arid landscape. Mandawa, a remote feudal principality was a trading outpost on an ancient caravan route to China and Middle East. It was the strong hold of Rao Shekha, who founded a dynasty here.

A fort built in 1755 by the Rajput rulers of Mandawa; Thakur Nawal Singh to protect this outpost today is a family-run luxurious heritage hotel. ‘ One of the splendid examples of region’s attraction here is the subject of murals in Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli, ranging from everyday life scenes to erotica. The colourful frescoes of Bansidhar Nevatia Haveli depict whimsical copies of the popular British prints. The Sneh Ram Ladia Haveli has portraits of the owners. The paintings on the outer wall of Goenka Haveli are quite amusing.


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