Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary


50 km from Kota, it was once the hunting preserve for the royal family of Kota. Spread over an area of 250 sq km, here you can view animals like leopard, sloth bear, chinkara and Wolf. This is the place which inspired many Rajasthan miniatures of the Kota School with hunting scenes.

Timing 0600-1800 hr, closed during monsoon July-September.

Another natural paradise about 45 km southeast of Kota at Shergarh is Sorsan Grasslands. It attracts a variety of birds including a flock of migrants (between October March) like larks, warblers, flycatchers and rosy pastors. One is also able to view the endangered great Indian bustard, stalking through the Sorsan Grasslands. The resident birds include bulbul, quails, partridges, mynas, shrikes, weavers and orioles. The town of Shergarh is an interesting mix of ruins, temples and havelis. The age old inscriptions confirm the antiquity of the place.


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