Badoli Temples

badoli-4-large-1417004023.jpg48 km southwest of Kota, the temple complex of Badoli is one of the Rajasthan’s linest and oldest one dating back between 9-12 centuries. Many of these temples were destroyed by Muslim invaders but the ruins still attract; Particularly remarkable is the Ghateshwara ‘Ihmple which features God Shiva in various forms Shiva slaying the demon Chamunda, dancing Shiva and also the one with deities of Brahma and Vishnu and various other deities of the Hindu mythology.

The pillars are splendidly carved with images of celestial nymphs. The walls of the temples are lined with some elegant sculptures.

The exceptional mastery of the sculptures of Badoli is further attested in two other temples- Trimurti Temple and the Mahishasuramardini temple. The decorated columns and intricately etched motifs are remarkable. There is an hourly bus service from Kota for Badoli. A return taxi costs Rs. 700-800.

About 10 km from Badoli, on road to Chittorgarh is the Bhainsrodgarh Fort. Situated upon a cliff top and protected by the river Chambal on two sides, this invincible fort is occupied by descendants of the feudal family. Worth a visit but prior permission is required and for this ask help from the tourist office in kota.


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