Why Bhairavgarh is the ldeal place to stay In Udaipur ?

Bhairavgarh By Zennia is one of the leading resort in Udaipur which is Rajasthan’s most popular tourist destination . It is a vibrant and lovely Palace like resort to spend your holidays with your loved ones in utmost royal comfort with beautiful atmosphere around to breath in the cool aroma of the nature. Choose Bhairavgarh , one of the best resorts in Udaipur ; explore the nature and beauty of Aravali range all around. Resort rooms are luxurious, comfy and cozy, in tune with the tradition and culture of the Royal Rajasthan with all the possible amenities.

Located in the vicinity of Aravali Range, Bhairavgarh strive to create for their guests, an experience that echoes the exuberant local luxurious  experience. Resort’s culturally inspired decor, state of art facilities and uncompromising quality of services go a long way in creating unique memories for all their guests and thus being famous as one of the best luxury resort in Udaipur.

Elegant interior and facilities such as restaurant and dining area, garden, play area and much more is there to keep you comfortable, relaxed and entertained on your vacation days. Luxury is what you will get at Bhairavgarh. As it was refurnished and re-built in Palace like style; it is a  resort with all the modern amenities. So, it’s a perfect combo of Traditional plus modern culture with excellent service standards of a family resort in Udaipur. A full service upscale Bhairavgarh, boasts of intelligent architecture, spacious rooms, charming interiors and state of the traditional art technology. Choose from well appointed rooms and honeymoon suits offering beautiful scenic  view , soothing interior and exhaustive amenities during your stay in Udaipur.

A choice of deluxe, super deluxe and honeymoon suite rooms waits for you here, all of which have the snuggest ambience for your comfortable stay. Staying here at bhairavgarh By Zennia will give you a fantastic experience to explore in and around Udaipur and rejuvenating stays to have, which will leave you with memories to savour for the rest of your life.

That’s why millions of people flock there every year like flies on honey. And the best place to stay in while you are there is Bhairavgarh Resort By Zennia. It is located in an exclusive hill in Udaipur and an ideal place to stay in the lap of nature. Renovated and refurnished in traditional style, this resort presents stylish décor, contemporary features, palatial spaces and remarkable hospitality. Bhairavgarh strive to uphold your high standards of service and cater to your every need.

Bhairavgarh is also famous for the royal weddings in Udaipur, Rajasthan. If You are sill out on race to find your dream wedding venue in Udaipur look no further than Bhairavgarh Resort. With their own unique characteristics they add to the beauty and glory of the wedding celebration and help you make memories that are extraordinary.

The resort comprises of large sprawling lawns , banquet hall that can lead to seamlessly execution of grand and royal weddings in Udaipur.


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