Dera BaghDarrah

About Dera Baghdarrah:

In the wild heart ofAravalli lies the forest of Baghdarrah, famed for its huge population of crocodiles. Situated right inside the Baghdarrah forest reserve, a mere 30 minutes drive from the popular tourist destination ofUdaipurin Rajasthan, is Dera Baghdarrah, a rustic wildlife camp with luxury, tented accommodations. Continue reading


Hotel Swaroop Vilas – Boutique Hotel In Udaipur


Hotel Swaroop Vilas Udaipur – Boutique Hotel In Udaipur

Hotel Swaroop Vilas is situated opposite Lake Swaroop Sagar, this boutique heritage hotel ( just 30 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the railway station) has become synonymous with affordable luxury for international and domestic guests alike. Be charmed by the hotel’s exquisite heritage architecture and pampered by its modern conveniences. In addition to the comfort of your room, enjoy a swim, massage, sauna, shopping in the hotel shop and signature Rajasthani cuisine in the hotel restaurants.

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Shiv Niwas & Fateh Prakash Palace

hotel_47_bThese two luxury palaces the Shiv Niwas and the smaller Fateh Prakash were the personal guest houses of the Maharana and are now converted in to two upmarket heritage hotels. The interiors of the ShivNiwas Palace are decorated with original furniture, intricate glass inlaywork on the columns and paintings. The Fateh Prakash Palace contains original portraits and furniture which have been in the family for generations.

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How to Explore Udaipur in 3 Days

ranakpur-templeIf you have 3 days, I would strongly suggest you visit nearby areas first which are as amazing as Udaipur.

Ranakpur Jain Temple :
Its on the way towards Kumbhalgarh ( 90 odd KMs from Udaipur) one of the best Jain Temple in fact better than DILWARA. 1500 beautifully carved pillars. Serene, calm amidst Forrest.
Kumbhalgarh is 40-50 km from there.
NOT TO BE MISSED. It is open from 12 noon to 5 pm daily Continue reading