Wedding in Rajasthan

The Romantic land Rajasthan is well known for its social customs, traditions and practices reflecting all its royal charm. Wedding ceremony in Rajasthan is known for its colourful atmosphere created by a well-decorated marriage venue with all regal charm. The groom dressed in a traditionally sherwani, and colourful turban with a sword in his hand rides to bride’s home on a white horse accompanied by a marriage procession called barat. The bride on the other hand dressed with lehenga, jewellery, and decorated palm awaits the groom.

The marriage procession is greeted with garland and the bride’s family makes all the arrangements like feasts, entertainment programmes for guests. The rituals of the wedding ceremony start from Aarti ceremony, after which the groom is taken to a beautifully decorated Mandap where bride and groom take seven circles around a holy fire and exchange garlands. After this, the bride starts for groom’s house and this is called the Bidai ceremony.

Music and dance are another important part of the wedding ceremony. Traditional folk dance and music are organised by the bride’s family to welcome the bride and bararti. Also, traditional music instruments like drums are used for this auspicious occasion. Mouthwatering traditional cuisines are specially cooked for a royal wedding dinner.

Wedding Destinations In Rajasthan

Some of the important wedding destinations of Rajasthan are given below.

udaipur wedding

Udaipur – The City of Lakes, Udaipur is popular as a charming wedding destination in Rajasthan. We offer you several wedding destinations in Udaipur for more information visit or to post any wedding query do visit or Udaipur Wedding Planner



jaipur wedding

Jaipur –Jaipur has been the capital of erst while Jaipur estate since its inception in 1727 AD. It was founded by Sawai Jai Singh II, thereby the name. It is probably the first planned city of India.
The charm of tying the nuptial knot in the Pink City Jaipur is hard to resist. The lavish affair of marriage gets an ultimate high on your Palace wedding in Jaipur. The prince and the princess of the occasion can’t find a more beautiful venue than the city of Jaipur. The city opens as a beautiful bride blushing with all its seductive allures.

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Jaipur wedding

Jodhpur – Jodhpur located right at the edge of the seemingly endless Thar Desert; Jodhpur serves as the gateway to the mystic land of unlimited sands, resounding with haunting love and war ballads. Jodhpur is a romantic city and overwhelms one with a sense of history and the splendor of an era gone by. Jodhpur has a number of enchanting forts, palaces, temples and Havelis that attract the attention of a large number of people to visit here. It is an excellent destination that arrests its architectural brilliance and old worldcharm from the bygone era till date. Jodhpur offers some exclusive royal wedding, regal wedding and budget wedding venues in Rajasthan

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udaipur wedding

Jaisalmer – The desert city Jaisalmer offers banquet facilities in several hotels which are an excellent venue for a dream wedding in Rajasthan with all its royal charm. Wedding in Rajasthan displays all the rich customs and traditions which are important social aspects of Indian culture. With all wedding rituals in a royal atmosphere, the marriage ceremony will be a memorable experience for anyone.

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